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ServiceDock – The Future of Retail

New retail customer channel strategy via

A successful customer channel strategy is a key part of any business growth. The traditional model of retail shop floor and product display is a tried and tested methodology yielding potentially higher sales return than perhaps the online model. The decision to purchase is often down to the person to person interaction on the shop floor. Covid-19 has greatly impaired and interrupted this sales channel for the foreseeable future.

Those reliant on the online sales channel are all too familiar with modern difficulties. Consumer behaviour is flippant and impatient. Generating interest and maintaining traction with your consumer base comes with the costs of advertising, engaging social influencers and dealing with online product reviews. The future of online reviews themselves are coming under threat as an informed customer base becomes resistent to professional marketing in the form of carefully prepared and posted online reviews. On the other side of the coin, no business can maintain a 100% satisfaction rating. ONline businesses are at the mercy of negative commentary which can often be deliberate and misleading. If only they could talk to someone in making their decision to buy?

Now customers can. Bridging this gap and restoring the irreplaceable personal store experience is new Irish startup ServiceDock. ServiceDock is a customer engagement and experience platform built specifically for retail chains. It’s innovative app integrates the many and diverse messaging channels from WhatsApp and facebook to Google messaging into a convenient all=in one channel Not only does this create an instant connection between customer and and staff across all mainstream social media channels, it also provides key metric data on customer behaviour and most significantly real time customer feeedback.

We at the network feel that any retail business looking to pivot to the new Covid-19 reality would do well to integrate the ServiceDock platform. This is is one to watch