ServiceDock Acquired by Critizr

The announcement was made this week of the acquisition of the up and coming customer engagement platform ServiceDock by UK based Critizr. ServiceDock is at its core an online person to person customer portal for retail business. However its software capabilities in the collection and collation of customer engagement events means that is transcends from another messaging portal to a CRM system for business to consumer and brand protection.

Irish entrepreneur Oisin Ryan created the innovative platform in 2019 and in that time secured a significant amount of interest and engagement from Ireland the US and businesses around the world. Those of us at the News Desk identified the business as one to watch in 2020. In the midst of the global pandemic and for open and closed retail businesses it presented an element of continuity in the customer relationship and retail experience.

Speaking about the merger with the UK based Critizr, Oisin posted his reaction on LinkedIn “It’s been a long and very windy road but today I can announce that ServiceDock has been acquired by Critizr, one of Europe’s leading retail customer interaction management companies. It’s been a pleasure dealing with Nicolas HAMMER and his team in recent months and I can highly recommend the Critizr team and product to any of the retailers I’ve dealt with over the past 4 years. I would like to thank all my team and investors for your support. Hopefully you’ll all agree it was a fun ride. Oisin”

For our part at the Abacus Legal Network we see the incorporation of the ServiceDock platform into the Critizr portfolio as a natural step forward and we wish the best of luck to both Oisin and Nicolas Hammer in the expansion of the platform and customer base going forward.

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