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Notary Public

A Notary Public is a public officer appointed by the Supreme Court of Ireland to serve the public in matters usually concerned with foreign or international business. Acts carried out by a Notary Public are recognised around the world.

A Notary Public is empowered by law to carry out the following services:

  • Administer Oaths
  • Witness/ Attest Signatures on Deeds and official documents
  • Authenticate Documents for use in Ireland or abroad (e.g. Marriage Certificates, Powers of Attorney, Qualifications, etc.)
  • Take Affidavits (other than for use within the courts of Ireland)
  • Take Affirmations and Declarations
  • Receive and Make Protests under Mercantile Law (promissory notes and Bills of Exchange) and issue notarial certificates in respect of documents and persons
  • Draw up Powers of Attorney and other legal documents customarily prepared by Notaries Public
  • Assist in matters of Admiralty Law and Ships Protests
  • Certification of documents for foreign adoptions
  • Procure an Apostille Certificate* from the Department of Foreign Affairs verifying the authenticity of documents for use abroad
  • Certifying the authenticity of official signatures and/or the official seal applied to a public document under the Legalisation* procedure.

We are connected Notaries Public in all counties office of Ireland. If you are in need of the assistance of a Notary Public, fill out our form below and we will se up the connection.

*For more information on the Apostille Certificate and process visit the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland.

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