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Jamieson Law joins the Network

Jamieson Law added as our Trademark Solicitor Meath

The Abacus Legal Network is delighted to announce the addition of  Babs Jamieson and Jamieson Law as our Trademarks Solicitor Meath and specialist on trademarks registration in Ireland.

The firms offers an innovative and different approach to legal services based in Meath.

From the start of their journey, they’ve done things differently. They feel that legal advice for small businesses and start-ups can often feel overwhelming for business owners – Jamieson Law are on a mission to change this by providing crystal clear, transparent and straightforward advice.

They specialise in business law and brand protection, with a huge focus on protecting your valuable intellectual property via copyright and trademarking, with founder Babs Jamieson providing expert brand protection and intellectual property services.

Jamieson Law can assist with trademarking in Ireland, the UK and further afield within the EU (and if your business operates overseas, they also assist with US trademark registration). This firm is incredibly passionate about giving straightforward, easy to understand and easy to apply advice without the confusing legal jargon.

Jamieson Law are delighted to support SMEs and start-ups within any and all industries. They have a very varied client based, working with firms in spaces such as technology and software, e-commerce and coaching, consultancy and mentoring.

Jamieson Law offer fixed fees and 3-business day turnaround on the services they offer (and if urgent, this firm is more than happy to accommodate – just let them know). An on-demand, in-house counsel service is offered – meaning this firm builds long term, lasting relationships. You can pick up the phone whenever necessary and you work together on the legals. They pride themselves on injecting transparency and fairness into everything they do and speaking in PLAIN English.

For part the addition of Jamieson Law is an obvious one for the Network. They come with the assurance of their strong track record and the recommendation of clients and colleagues alike.

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