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Increase in the Minimum Wage in Ireland in 2020

Employees are set to benefit from an increase in the minimum wage in Ireland in 2020. This is the minimum hourly rate of pay applicable in Ireland for employees over the age of eighteen. There are lower rates for employees between the ages of sixteen and seventeen. The changes take effect as of the 1st February this year.

The minimum wage is increasing from €9.80 an hour to €10.10 per hour. This means a standard 35 hour working week is now liable to pay €18,382.99. The increase is introduced against the backdrop of an election in February 2020 during which there are promises of changes to the tax code to further benefit low earners in the economy.

Dr. Sean Healy of the Irish think tank Social Justice Ireland  still raised concerns that notwithstanding the increase in the minimum wage, in or about 110,000 people in employment in Ireland are living below the poverty line.

The failure by any business to pay the minimum wage is an offence. Employees not in receipt of the correct hourly rate can also take case for compensation to the Workplace Relations Commisssion.