Business and Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Law

We act and advise in a large number of areas of business and commercial law in Ireland. It is one of the niche specialities of the network member in each area. The approach of any commercial lawyer in our group must always be to protect the interests of Clients to the full whilst keeping the emphasis on value for money.

We have connected a wide variety of corporate clients, advising on key areas of business and commercial law and assisting with business development and expansion.

Our commercial lawer members in each part of the country specialise in the following:

  • Purchase and sale of business and companies and due diligence
  • IP Licensing of brands and trademarks
  • Partnerships and joint ventures
  • Management buy-outs
  • Agency and franchise agreements
  • Business expansion schemes, venture capital and project finance
  • Shareholders agreements/ Put and call option agreements
  • Government loans and other grants
  • Lease of retail, office and commercial property
  • Purchase, sale and/or Licensing of Intellectual Property, trade marks and copyright
  • Outsourcing

The Network is connected with leading Irish and International company formation and secretarial service providers.

Our specialist commercial lawyers guide clients through the difficult process of preparing their company or business for sale, in assessing due diligence documentation and also advise on the issues which can be discovered through disclosure.

We support new business start ups including early stage web, IT and on-line businesses. In particular our members can  advise and prepare websites for e-Commerce, sales portals and privacy and Data Protection issues, prepare on-line t&c’s and web policy documents.

The Network has backed the development of national and international Franchise strategies as well as the purchase and sale of individual franchises. We are connected with each Local Enterprise Board in Ireland.

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