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BREXIT- Will UK External Companies Have To Re-register?

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Those who have a UK external company branch registered with the CRO in Ireland, are not required to re-register after Brexit. In the event the UK leaves the European Union without any deal in place, external companies will be subject to filing annual returns with the CRO under the non-EEA country legislation.

Under Sections 1305/1306 of the Companies Act 2014; for so long as a branch stands established in the State, the non-EEA company shall in each year deliver a copy of the financial year accounting documents to the Registrar. Section 1304 Companies Act 2014 applies to the submission of any changes in the company’s information.

Please note: from 9th June 2018, the Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 extended the definitions of EEA and non-EEA companies to include undertakings where members’ liability is unlimited and subsidiaries whose liability is limited.

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