Mobile Bars in Ireland





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Mobile Bars in Ireland

Mobile Bars in Ireland

A common query that arises is type of licence necessary for a mobile bar in Ireland. The first and most important thing to note is that there is no legal licence in Ireland for mobile bars.

Legally, mobile bars are moveable structres that operate within the licensed area of an existing licence holder. For example, a bar that can operate from a temporary structure e.g a lorry or trailer or can be assembled at specific events such as outdoor concerts. The licence that authorises the use of these moveable structures is that belonging to an existing licence holder and not necessarily to the mobile bar owner.

The governing principles behind licensing law in Ireland are twofold:

  1. The safe and responsible sale of alcohol to parties who are legally permitted to consume alcohol, 18 and over.
  2. The collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) and other taxes on the sale of that alcohol.

The control mechanism therefore is to oblige the named licence holder as the party ultimately liable for the responsible sale of alcohol and the collection and payment of VAT on sales of alcoholic products. This person or entity must ensure that whatever sales are completed must result in the collection by them of the VAT on those sales.

The second dimension is that licenses for the sale of alcohol are typically fixed to a specific location and the licensed area is deliberately defined by a map. For festival and outdoor events (see our other section) this usually involves the temporary or occasional extension of a licence from e.g. a bar or pub to a specific location for a specific duration of time, fixed hours over a fixed number of days. The licence holder in that case must supervise the operation of the bars and is liable for the collection of VAT.

In this model the only authorised use of a mobile bar is to supply a bar service or facility to an existing licence holder for the sale of its alcohol within area in which the licence or occasional licence authorises its sale and consumption.

The licensing solicitors and members of the Abacus Legal Network in Ireland are all chosen of their not only their expertise for for their proven track record in the proivison of legal, financial and advisory services concerning bar, pub and hotel business and sale of alcohol in Ireland. Please feel free to CONTACT US with any enquiry or for our assistance.

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