Alcohol and Licensing

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Licensing and Alcohol

Members of the Abacus Legal Network act extensively in matters concerning alcohol and licensing for food and drink in all parts of Ireland. Our team of specialist licensing solicitors comprise some of the leading practices in the country. They have particular expertise in the following matters:

  • Seven Day Ordinary On Licences for pubs, purchase sale and transfer
  • Exemptions, extensions, music, singing and dancing licenses for bars and public houses
  • Wine Retailers on Licence for restaurants
  • Restaurant Certificates for restaurants, bars and public houses
  • Special Restaurant Certificates
  • Retailers off Licences
  • Extensions and variations of licensed areas
  • Import and export of alcohol
  • Bonded warehousing for wholesale retail of alcohol
  • Renewals, complaints and prosecutions.
  • Festivals licensing and bar agreements.

Any business engaged in the sale of alcohol in Ireland must by law have a licence to do so. Any businesses operating without a proper licence will face prosecution for breach by the Authorities.

All alcohol licenses are renewed annually. Each business renewing will require a valid Tax Clearance Certificate from the Irish Revenue Commissioners confirming that its tax affairs are up to date. Many renewals involve an annual Court application. There are other documents that will be required in each individual case which we will advise and assist with.

Certain other business activities also require a licence e.g. sale of cigarettes and tobacco related products.

Auctioneer firms, Estate Agents or Lettings Management Agencies were always subject to the grant and renewal of a licence but are now regulated by the Property Services Regulatory Authority of Ireland.

If you are starting in business, our members are happy to meet with you for a no-obligation consultation to review your business plan and advise on your licensing requirements and best strategy. They can help you ensure your annual licensing obligations are correctly looked after.

Our members’ expertise and experience will help you to achieve the best financial option for your business. They agree the costs before undertaking work on your behalf so there are no surprises.

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