The Abacus Legal Story

Abacus Legal commenced as a concept over ten years ago when its founding member and solicitor Martin Moloney first realised that the needs of ordinary people and new start-ups often could not cross the gap between the information they needed and the solutions available to them. When he looked into it he realised that whilst the information available was objectively and technically correct it was missing a key element: perspective. Should you do it? Is there a better and more cost effective way?

The primary purpose of the network is therefore not only to bridge the information gap but also to offer clients and businesses the benefit of the experience of its members. The site will constantly be updated with new information and guidance from consumer matters to start-up to company sales, from family law matters to employment, to preparing your wills and estates. We welcome suggestions from users of information that should be available on the site.

Throughout our twenty five years in the law business, we have built a network of trusted colleagues and advisers, from lawyers to accountants, construction engineers, architects and a range of other professional services. We have also assembled a team some of the leading barristers in their field in Ireland. We have commenced building these relationships into a network of trusted advisors all available through our ever growing directory of experts. We are recommending the people that we do business with.

As part of our mission to resolve our Client’s problems we have set up the Free Legal Advice centre. Users can pose their questions in confidence to our expert advisers and get information, guidance and support from them. If necessary we can establish your link to the relevant professional, not by an automated referral through a database but by the contact of our support team.

Abacus Legal represents a new departure in the world of B2B and B2C contact. It is a personal one to one connection service with the experienced professionals we have chosen to help you.